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My Top 10 Books of 2019

I love keeps me motivated and helps inspire me in all areas of my life. It also helps to fill my well of knowledge...I love learning new things!!

So it feels only fitting that I share my Top 10 Books of 2019 with you.

Below are the books that shaped my life and supported my journey this past year. These aren’t all the books I read, but these are the books that helped me the most.

Here they are!! Listed in no particular order…

#1 – Effortless Success by Michael Neil

I actually have this one as an audio book…and I have listened to it more than once. It has helped me remember that sometimes we over-think, and over-complicate things…when things can actually be effortless.

#2 – Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr

This book has changed my life!!

I actually bought it for the 21 Day Adventure Cleanse because I was getting so many colds in January and February and I thought if Kris was able boost her immune system to stop her cancer from growing this could definitely help me stay healthy…boy did it ever!!

In more ways than one…I have so much more energy, I feel so much healthier and happier - I now eat a mostly plant-based diet, and realized that gluten does really bad things to my body.

This book is also packed with so many self-care tips and information...including my new favourite…dry brushing!

I also go back to the 21 Day Adventure Cleanse whenever I need a reset…because the adventure cleanse is not a diet or even just a “cleanse”…it’s a way to live a beautiful, loving life.

#3 – Angels of Abundance by Doreen and Grant Virture

This book helped me understand more about angels, asking for help, and how much support I have around me at all times. This book has also helped me change the way I look at money.

#4 – Excuses Be Gone by Dr Wayne Dyer

I always love reading and listening to Dr Wayne Dyer!!

This book helped me realize the excuses I keep telling myself and how I hold myself back from living fully.

It also helped me break free from my excuses, start owning who I am, and start taking loving action towards the life I deserve.

#5 – Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

I love Marie and her energy!! This book was super-motivating and I could literally feel her amazing energy on every page. Everything is Figureoutable isn’t just a book, but a mantra that I now use often.

#6 – The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

I had some major aha-moments reading this book. It’s a short read, but wow it’s packed full of amazing insights. One of my biggest take-a-ways was “always do your best” means you do the best you can in that moment, and every moment is different.

#7 – Miracles Now By Gabrielle Bernstein

This is a book I go back to again and again when I need a little boost of awesome. It has 108 wonderful tools to help you when life gets stressful or you just need a little extra boost of love.

I keep this book handy so when I feel overwhelmed, lose my footing, or just need to rebalance myself, I flip the book open and whatever page I land on this what I need most in that moment.

#8 - Wishes Fulfilled by Dr Wayne Dyer

Like I said before…I love everything Wayne Dyer has written and this book was no exception.

This is a powerful book about manifesting what you truly want in your life.

It helped me think and understand at a deeper level, and it gave me incredible hope that anything is truly possible if it is in alignment with your authentic self - when YOU change the concept of yourself.

#9 – Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein

This book has helped me look at things through a different set of lenses and has shined some light on areas I wasn’t very familiar with.

It‘s also jammed pack with tools, from helping you start your day on the right foot, to helping you stay in alignment with your authentic awesomeness - so YOU can be a super-attractor.

I use some of the tools from this book on a daily basis…and they are truly life-changing!

#10 – The Greatness Guide Book 1 & 2 by Robin Sharma

These 2 books I grouped together…they are perfect if you need a little motivation. The chapters are super-short so you can read for just 5 minutes if you want…however, I always found myself reading more!

They also helped me stay in a positive mindset, and also kept me aware of my thoughts and actions.

I hope these books bring you as much joy, guidance, aha-moments, and life-changing awesomeness that they brought to me.

Happy reading, learning and growing!!

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