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Self-care & the holidays

Self-care is so important...especially during the busy holiday season.

The season of giving...we can get so caught up in giving to others that we forget to save a little for ourselves.

My wish for you this holiday season is that you enjoy it to the fullest!!

How can you do that when you are running on empty? Just a little love can go along way...send some to yourself this season.

I've had Christmases where I was planning, giving, making sure everything was perfect...that left me exhausted, burnt-out and grumpy. I couldn't enjoy myself because there wasn't any of "me" there to enjoy.

Don't end this year exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed out because you want everything to be perfect...enjoy each moment as it comes. Catch snowflakes on your tongue, watch the snow fall, give big hugs to the ones you love and most importantly TAKE FIVE!!

Take 5 minutes for yourself...everyone can find 5 minutes in their day. Even during the busy hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

You deserve 5 minutes and so much please take those 5 minutes.

How do I remember to TAKE FIVE?! I have a reminder at my desk and every time I glance at it I get up, move my body and take a little break. You can also set an alarm on your phone...but that never really worked well for me because I'd just hit the snooze button.

Seeing the bright green card on my desk in my own handwriting, is super simple yet very powerful.

No matter how you remind yourself...the most important things is that you do it.

...So why not TAKE FIVE right now!!

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