A little thing called the pause button

This time of year can be crazy-sauce...if we let it.

Today I'm handing you a wonderful tool...I call it the "pause button".

You can use it when you're feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed.

You can also use it when you find yourself in a heated conversation with someone...including yourself!

It's pretty simple to use...are you ready?!

All you have to do is hit the imaginary button - you can actually physically touch something (I use a coaster that has a flowers on it...the center looks a lot like a button!) or just say to yourself "I'm hitting the pause button for a sec" or "it's time to hit that pause button again!".

The simple act of shifting your thoughts and pausing will help you get grounded and centered. Oh and hopefully remind you to breathe. :)

I use this with my kids when things are getting a little crazy. It helps everyone involved.

Are you ready to get grounded and centered?

Hit that good old pause button...now!!

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