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I'm not letting fear hold me back!

Today I watched my daughter sing in her Winter Concert at school. I'm so glad she was able to make it to her grade one concert...I never made it to mine because I had the chickenpox (I had lines to say and everything).

Remembering that moment made me realize something...I love being on stage. I love talking (LOL) and I love sharing...Some time after grade one, when I was so really to stand up on stage and speak in front of a large crowd, I lost my confidence (and my voice) and over the past decade I've really started to feel that excitement and desire to get back on a stage AND I totally found my voice again too!!

I'm so excited for 2020 where I plan to step out of my comfort zone in big, bold so many areas of my life.

I'm no longer going to let fear stop me from living the life I'm meant to live...because doing so would be a disservice to myself, my awesomeness, and the people who need me to rise above all the fear and voices telling me "I'm not good enough" , "it can't be done" , "you can't" , "you need a lot of money before you can do that".

I'm here to say I can and I will!!

And I'm going to do it with so much love and gusto!!

In 2020 I want to get on stage, share my journey and knowledge with the world, and inspire people to embrace who they are!!

What do YOU want to embrace?!

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