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Happily Ever After Baby

You may have been waiting so long to be a mom….

Maybe you dreamed about being a mom before you met “Mr. Right” and got married, maybe you’ve wanted to a mom forever, or maybe it was a surprise and you’re overwhelmed and excited all at the same time.

And then the baby comes. This precious, amazing gift that you’ve been waiting for…and things are amazing.

Then things start to change. Maybe you’re not sleeping…because let’s face it, newborns don’t sleep 8 hours in a row. And, maybe your marriage or relationship is suffering now from lack of sleep. You’re frustrated, you’re tired. You’re learning to nurse, or bottle-feed – you have all these new decisions and there is so much to learn.

Your life is now planned around a little person who relies on you 100%.

Now at this time maybe you’re still just in love with being a new mom. Or maybe you’ve taken on other emotions…emotions that cause you to go hide and cry.

Or you’re starving because you haven’t eaten a meal in a while. Or haven’t taken time for you and you just don’t know who you are anymore.

Then BAM. You get hit by guilt.

You shouldn’t feel this way because you have this incredible gift, a baby. You feel guilty for wishing you had more sleep or that things could go back to “normal”.

Or you reminisce about the days before you become a mom - “oh how life was easier”. Then you feel guilty for feeling this way.

Here’s the thing…

Mommy guilt can show up right away, or it could come later – right out of the blue.

Mommy guilt can show up when you feel like you want to take time for you, like a shower, an hour or so out of the house, or even just leaving your baby with your partner, or a friend, or a grandparent…

Or mommy guilt might not show up in your life until you’re about to go back to work and you don’t want to leave your baby. Or you feel guilty for leaving, or even feel guilty for wanting to leave and have this thing that’s all your own; aside from being a mom.

Or maybe you’ve decided to not go back to work and stay home full-time with your baby and now you feel guilty because you’re not adding to the household income.

Wherever you are in your mommy journey, I’m sure you’ve felt guilty at one point in your life. And I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. There are so many moms that feel mommy guilt.

And it comes in all different forms! Maybe you’re the mom that sits in the bathroom and just hides and cries. Feeling like you’re not good enough, that you’re failing. Or maybe you eat your feelings. Or you’re tired and you feel guilty that you forgot to do something, or you just don’t want to do anything at all…

Maybe it’s because your house is a disaster, and it feels overwhelming – so you just eat your feelings. Or you just veg out on the TV – to forget about all about your emotions.

Or maybe you keep yourself so busy being a mom with tasks around the house. Maybe you clean like crazy and keep coming up with new projects – to forget about the emotions… “Emotional cleaning” I like to call it. Anything to keep you busy so you don’t have to face your emotions.

When emotions are not dealt with they’ll just linger. They will always be there, behind the scenes, running your life and your decisions.

You can’t outrun emotions or bottle them up forever – you can’t outrun or ignore mommy guilt.

And I’m not telling you this to make you feel guiltier. By telling you this, I hope you understand that you are not alone, and you also don’t have to live like this any longer.

So many moms feel mommy guilt. So many moms don’t want to talk about it. Because then they would have to face the truth – that they sometimes feel bad about being a mom or that they are failing at the whole “mom thing”.

The truth is once you face these emotions, you will realize that they are just emotions, not who YOU are. They are there to show you that you need to love yourself more, not beat yourself up.

And that’s where I come in…I support, motivate and encourage moms – no one should have to go through motherhood or face their emotions alone. We all need someone to lean on, talk to, and share our experiences with.

If you are really ready to love your way through life and motherhood and stop running from your emotions let’s chat.

And if you are on the sidelines and not sure…know that I am holding space for you until you’re ready.

You deserve to be full of joy, love, happiness, and yes even peace…let me show you how.

Sending you so much love!

Much Love,

Jody Myciak

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