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Mommy Moments of Gratitude

As the kids and my husband surrounded me with their beautiful singing voices - singing "Happy Birthday" to me - I was searching for something to wish for…because I’ve always had a deep need or want for something and it's just something I’ve always done when blowing out the candles.

In that moment, I was at a loss for what to wish for because I felt so full of love and gratitude for what I have in my life…this year I wished for nothing but breathed in gratitude and love instead.

Why am I telling you this?

There are so many moments on our mommy journey that we want to pull out our hair, cry, scream, nap...BUT then there are these perfect moments sprinkled in to remind us why we chose to be a mother and that it is so worth it.

Soon after my loving thoughts, the kids were running around, being silly, and prolonging bath & bedtime...moment over.

But my heart was still super full.

Hang on to those mommy moments of gratitude...Whatever is going on, whatever you are thinking or feeling, try to lean into those loving moments.

It can be so hard when you are in the thick of if it's too hard to reach for it in the middle of the struggles...breath.

Then when you have that loving moment, write it down, take a picture, record yourself in THAT mommy moment of can be your life raft when you feel like you are sinking.

Sending you so much love as you along on your mommy journey!

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