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You have superpowers...embrace them!!

A lot of the time we think that what makes us different makes us less than perfect or not good enough...the fun fact is that what makes you different are your superpowers - your uniqueness that only you have!!

You are different for a reason...own it and embrace it!!

It's time to love those parts about yourself that you feel ashamed of because you are different than others...if we were all the same life would be super-boring and nothing new would come about because we would all think the same, live the same, and just be all the same...boring!!

Today, embrace that part of you that you've locked away in the closet...I'm not saying go shout it from the mountain tops but if that's what feel right to you, then rock on!!

"Embracing it" to me means allowing yourself to acknowledge that part of you and start to understand how amazingly awesome you are for it.

Look for one little thing to like about it, then another...

Here's an example from my life...I've always wanted to be tall...wished and hoped I'd be 5' 9 but that never happened, I'm 5' 1. For a long time I was super unhappy with my shortness.

But then I learned to embrace it and celebrate how awesome being short is!! I was working in a factory where things hung kinda low that a lot of people hit their heads that moment I realized being short has its advantages and from that moment forward I decided to look for the things I loved about being short instead of thinking I was lacking something in my life because of it.

What can YOU embrace today my love?

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