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Where my self-love journey began

Where it all began...My self-love journey began when my heart felt so broken that I thought it was beyond repair.

For a month I lived in a darkness, in sadness...was I unlovable? Why didn't anyone seem to love me?

After that month I told myself I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself - one night in that month I got so drunk my grandma needed to take care of me - and I had a big wake up call to start focusing on the good, or at least start making healthier choices.

I started to read as many self-help books I could get my hands on (the library was a great resource). But there's a few key moments I remember that changed the direction of my journey - seeing Dr Wayne Dyer on Ellen and finding Discover your Destiny by Robin Sharma.

The year of 2008 was a big, amazing year for me...I went from feeling unlovable in January to inspired and hopeful, and I started to realize I what I really needed was a better relationship with myself.

My self-love journey all started when I decided to make a pick up a book and learn a better feel a better way, to love a better way.

I was also opening up space in my life to get to know slow down and pay attention to the most important relationship in my!!

For the first time ever, I wasn't on go-mode all the time...I switched gears and allowed myself to slow down...and just be where I was.

The following January I felt so good about who I was that I remember saying to myself "I don't need a man to be happy, I am whole on my own".

A week later a met my husband.

Love starts within...and spreads like wildfire around you.

Love is so powerful and amazing once you realize that you are lovable just as you one else is here to make you feel are a whole lot of awesome all on your own...right here, right now!

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