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My Top 10 Books of 2018

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

My goal was to read 50 books this year...I fell a little short. Nonetheless I still read a lot AND learned even more! I wanted to share with you the books that helped support me on my journey, kept me empowered, focused and determined to persevere!

It was really hard to only pick 10, most of the books I read this year really helped me in some shape or form, in one or more areas of my life, but I did it for you!

And here are they are!

The only reason this one is the last one on the list is because it's not so much a book to read but a journal to help you pull the answers that are within and help them come out and shine. I personally haven't had much luck with this type of journal in the past BUT this one has changed that! It's not only beautiful, the quality of the book itself is wonderful. Every single page is pure love and that made me want to fill it in even more.

This book gave me a lot to think about and gave me a new outlook and perspective on life. It helped me find a sense of peace through the busy days of life. It made me slow down and enjoy the moments happening around me.

This book is packed with amazingness. It's a book I go back to again and again. It's a small but mighty book, full of wonderful ways to connect with your inner guidance in every area of your life. There are things I learned from this book that I still use every day.

This book helped me realize we all have a dark side and it's not something to hate or fear but to love and embrace.

Wow, this book was amazing!! Like all of Dr. Wayne Dyer's books, this one made me look at life differently and think me a new perspective. Again this book brought with it a peaceful calmness throughout my life and day. The insights and aha moments were abundant in this read.

This book came into my life with the perfect timing. It's funny, light, insightful, and oh yeah, did I mention funny? If you just want something to keep you thinking positive thoughts and make you laugh, this is your book!

This book was a quick and fun read. I had some aha money moments and after each chapter there are some questions to ask yourself to really grow your money mindset and see what's holding you back. Yes there is homework but this is how you grow and learn, when you do the work.

This book helped my realize that we can always love ourselves's a journey! Even though I've been on the self-love journey for over a decade, I still took some amazingly magical things away from this book. It also really enforced what I believe in and why being here and being me is so super important.

This book is full of wonderful, fun activities to manifest amazingness in your life. I keep this one on my nightstand so I can grab it often.

This book is #1 on my list because it has changed my life forever. It changed the way I look at my body, how I eat and made me realize that weight loss is still possible. If you have tried every diet, every exercise and have not seen the results you want and believe you should be getting please, please get this book.

Happy reading!!

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