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Let love be your guide

Wow, the week after our Canadian Thanksgiving I found myself saying "what an off-week we had" two seconds later I was like "nope - what a week full of love lessons we had".

My heart feels super-full of compassion and so much love...for my family, my life, and how I keep surprising myself.

I had to watch my 5 year old daughter say goodbye to her best friend who is moving away...but my biggest moment when I let love be my guide was when I caught myself being judgy.

I caught myself, and told myself to "stop being judgy", which wasn't helpful I told myself "lead with love" and let me tell ya that moment changed my whole day.

I had the most amazing conversation with a mom who opened up to me...if I didn't leave the "judgy me" behind I would have missed out on all the beautiful moments that followed.

It wasn't just the afternoon that changed for me...I had all these loving ideas and thoughts...I wanted to share the love I felt with others who needed it.

I had so much compassion, it was overflowing everywhere. It really has helped me change the way I look at things.

That night I went to bed with so much love in my heart...all because I decided to see with love instead of judgment and fear.

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