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Having a less than stellar day

Surprise! I have less than stellar days too.

Over the past week I haven't really been feeling my best...I don't have a cold or the flu, it’s more of a mental thing, where I'm not really feeling like myself.

I pick fights with my husband, I'm not as patient with my kids, I don't have the awesome motivation I normally have...all I really want to do is watch TV.

Well on Tuesday it all came to a head...I broke down and I had enough of feeling I walked to pick up my daughter at school I realized what was behind my funk.

Aside from being on an adventure cleanse that has heightened my emotions, the place I loved and was my safe haven as a child, teen and young adult is no longer going to be there...the family cottage is most likely going to be sold.

And I finally realized all this because we took one last trip up there this past weekend...I thought I'd made peace with it...but it was still there, dancing under the surface just waiting to erupt and let me know I still have some grieving to do.

We all have less than stellar days…it’s what we do with them that matters more than anything…including loving yourself through them.

So if and when you find yourself having a bad day or are stuck in what I like to call "suck mode"...embrace it, let it in.

Then there are two things I recommend doing. First, if you have the time (please try to make the time – you’ll be grateful that you did) ask yourself what is going on under the surface? What is causing this funk you’re in?

If you don't have the time (the kids are home, you have work or other fun life things happening that you can't take a timeout to reflect) shift gears instead. Go for a walk, meditate, talk with a friend, put on some awesome music that makes you feel good and dance around in your living room...if nothing shifts you out of your funky mood then have a good cry or watch a sappy movie and stay a little longer in funk town.

Then try again later to get's also important to do the first part at some point or you're going to find yourself coming back to funk town if you don't understand why you keep going there....and being in funk town isn't a whole lot of fun.

Wherever you find yourself today…I’m sending you so much love.

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