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Happy Surprises

At the beginning of our Sunday adventure yesterday I thought we might have been a little over-ambitious trying to roll two fun things into one. 

Anastasia wanted to go to the park near her school (about 2km away) and go biking. I thought "Why not do both at the same time?"

So we started out a little rocky but we did it!! We made this plan not taking into account that last year she didn't really ride her bike more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time before giving up. [She had a hard time getting the whole pedalling thing down] However, this is a new year and Anastasia rocked it right out of the gate. That is, once we put air in her tires! I also came up with a plan to drive the car along our route (about 5-10 minutes from the park) so the kids didn't have to bike all the way back.  Much to my surprise, when we were passing the car on our way home (after all the park fun), Anastasia wanted to keep biking!! So her and I continued to bike/walk our way home.

Along the way she got tired and wanted to take the car home...which was no longer available. I told her "you can do this, we are so close to home". As she biked along she kept repeating "I can do it, I can do it" then it turned into "I'm doing it, I'm doing it".

And soon enough she did get all the way home!!

As for Alex and Jaeden they took the car home so Jaeden could have his nap.

Weekend Wisdom:

Just because you couldn't do something yesterday, a month ago or even a year ago don't give up, don't keep playing small or keep thinking in the past. The past is over, make today the kind of day YOU want to have...and just keep pedalling!!!

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