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It's time to say goodbye...

It's time to say lazy summer days, crazy-awesome summer adventures, kids staying up late, and to the flexibility that only summer holidays seem to bring...

...and hello to cozy sweaters, pumpkin-spice everything, some kind of normal-ish routine (maybe), new adventures, and most importantly more time for YOU (hopefully)!!

This past Tuesday was my daughter's 1st day of grade one and it was also the first day my son started going to preschool 3 times a week.

I love being a mom and I also love supporting and motivating feels good to have the chance to do both. To be an awesome mom and have the time to follow my heart.

And with this ending comes new amazing possibilities and new adventures.

I'm so excited for this season! I'm not just welcoming in the fall season but a new, expanding adventure for my business...

We have so many new awesome things happening around stay tuned!!

Now let's get back to the here and know that month called September? I know it better as the "Transitional Month"...the month we transition from summer wonders, lacks in structure or routine to going back to school, work, more structure, and getting settled into a new, normal-ish routine.

You'll probably feel it even more if you have kids in school...

However, even before school started back up in our house I found myself being given a life lesson.

Just before the long weekend and right before the start of school, I got knocked down by a cold. I had all these awesome ideas of what I wanted to do with those last few days before school started, yet life had different plans.

After sleeping for 2 days I started to feel a little better, but my throat was still crazy sore.


I beat myself self up, felt sorry for myself, got mad that I wasn't getting better faster (I slept for 2 days...come on body). I started to take it out on my husband - which was not fair at all...he was super supportive - but I did.

Once I realized I was wasting more precious time with my kids and the last of summer I looked inward for why I was feeling this way.

I always get a little emotional around the last long weekend of summer because I love summer and I'm sad to see it go. But there was more to it than that...I was trying to control how our summer would end. My expectations were high and my need to make it happen even greater. I let my need or want to control the outcome overshadow all the amazingness that happened throughout the summer.

I let it rob me of the present moments happening in front of me. You know the great old saying "life is what's happening when your busy making plans" oh boy was it ever for me.

So what happened you might ask? Once I realized I just wanted to feel better, to love better, I knew it had to start with me.

No one else could change that for me...then I put my big-girl pants on and got myself outside...out in my body moving. I reached for a slightly happier thought and then another, and another until I was feeling like myself again.

Luckily this lasted less than a if this happened years ago this funk I was in could have lasted weeks, maybe even a month.

However, I find the more I create a deeper, loving relationship with myself, the more I can lovingly find my way back to where I want to be. It's so important to feel what comes up but it's also important to understand why you're feeling that way and once you do, to lovingly let it go.

Life can be like a roller, downs, curves, and surprises. Know you aren't alone on that roller coaster ride...I'm right next to you screaming my little head off and cheering you on every step of the way.

Sending you so much love as we transition into fall!!

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