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I'm Jody.

An entrepreneur, writer, wife, mother of two, a life-learner and I have a deep passion to help you build a deeper loving relationship with yourself, so you can have the confidence to create the life you most want to have. 


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"Anything is possible when you stop telling yourself it isn't."

~ Jody Myciak

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Join Jody & Alex as they talk about their journey as a couple through parenthood.

Along the way they'll share advice and strategies around self-care/self-love, and parenting from a place of love.

Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always striving to give the listeners something to think about - because there are two sides to every story!



I am deeply moved and grateful for the gift that Jody gave me in our coaching. She trusted and held space of hope for me when I couldn't (and gave me a lot of homework). She helped me start walking again. Moreover, I believe now (in a grounded way) that I and we can do miracles. Thank you again.



I'm truly thankful for you walking me through this part of my journey. I seriously couldn't have done it without you. Such a blessing you are to me.



My sincere thanks to Jody for her wisdom and compassion in helping me work towards personal empowerment. She gave me assignments that helped me process the issues at the core of my emotional struggles. If you are willing to do the work of self-discovery, Jody is a great facilitator of working through your issues. She gave me insights and new ways of looking at the situations that I have been dealing with. I highly recommend her services.

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