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A Little Dose of Inspiration

Today marks our second week of having a special guest on The His & Her Show!

If you are a business woman, afraid of failure, need help setting goals or just need a little dose of inspiration, today's episode is for YOU!

Tessa Kampen is a woman that is focused on inspiring others to learn and grow, especially during hard times - since those times can provide the most to learn.

During today's episode Tessa shares with us the idea of "failing forward" and how a change in perspective can re-frame those failures into opportunities for growth and learning.

As a part of her work, she helps her clients not only set goals, but achieve or exceed those goals. We also discuss how the "goal" is not the end-state, it's just another point-of-interest on your life's journey and how by focusing on your own growth you'll achieve your goals every time.

This episode will inspire you to be the best version of YOU!!

Have a listen here!

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