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RESET A 30 Day Meditation Adventure!

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, the Meditation Adventure in January 2023 has been postponed until further notice.

Meditating in Nature

Brings awareness to the present moment.
Connecting the mind, body and spirit.
To align with your purpose.
To love yourself more.
To love in your truth.

Join us on the Meditation Adventure.

It's Free
This whole adventure is yours, zero cost. And there's no catch.
No trial period, and no payment info collected.
It's a gift to YOU, created with love from me.

What a great way to start the new year - together!

It's an Adventure
Pressing play will be the most challenging part.
Get yourself there each day and we will do the rest together!

Going Deeper
Each meditation is accompanied by a daily email from me.
These are created to help us connect, go deeper and notice how the benefits from a daily meditation practice can change your life.

Connect with others doing the Meditation Adventure. You'll never be alone.

Meditation is Magical

It can improve your entire being.


It eases anxiety and depression.

It boosts self-confidence.

It reduces stress.

It improves sleep.

It creates more joy.

It supports body health in big beautiful ways.

RESET kicks off January 1st, 2024

[with the meditations starting on January 2nd]


Sign up for free to receive your instructions and a free meditation (you can download right away - to get started while you wait for the adventure to begin).


I look forward to supporting you on your Meditation Adventure!


And remember...

It's never too late to create lasting change in your life.


This Mediation Adventure is an invitation to bring more awareness to your daily life.


And hit the Reset Button, so to speak...

Let's meditate together!


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